Tales From The Team House


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Read the entertaining, exciting, hilarious stories of the members of the SF-List over the last 40 years.

"...This is as close as some of these sons-of-bitches will ever get to a real team house..."

"...Two MPs showed up. Rírock drew down on them, took one MP's MP regalia, bound and gagged them and ...."

"...Maggie went over and pulled the sheet back to see who it was.  Walt was still plastered and could not even grunt.  All he could do was just barely wink at her.  She saw that and said, 'This guy isn't dead, he's drunk'..."

"...I went out, the wind picked up, blew me over the runway, and stopped. I heard a noise and turned to look what it was. It was a f--king L19 coming right at me...."

.....and the stories continue.....

248 pages

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