Official Dept. of Defense Rebuttal
Department of  Defense  Review of  Allegations Concerning  "OPERATION TAILWIND"  7/21/98
Department of Defense - Tab C
DoD News Briefing - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)  7/21/98
Cohen Finds No Basis for CNN/TIME Allegations on "TAILWIND" - DefenseLINK News   7/21/98
DoD News Briefing Tuesday, July 21, 1998 - 11 a.m. (EDT)  Operation TAILWIND
Cohen: Operation TAILWIND Allegations Scrutinized; Investigation Yields Nothing to Substantiate Charges  7/21/98
Operation TAILWIND Review Extract of U.S Air Force Report Dated: Jul 16, 1998 - Tab H   7/21/98
Operation TAILWIND Report, 20 July 1998 - Tab I   7/21/98

Tailwind Twister

Following are various no-nonsense comments regarding the non-factual CNN report aired June 7, 1998: (Mad Hatter Articles can be found by clicking here)

Nerve Gas, CNN, and Honor by Perry M. Smith ‘56
CNN’s Tailwind  Program Disinformation Disproved 6/8/98
Washington Times  Editorial Reports "Only  Rumors  . . . Sarin"6/9/98
Nerve Gas Was Used In Laos !!! 6/10/98
Objective and balanced reporting ????6/10/98
Sarin Never Used 6/11/98
The National Security Archive
Excerpts from 1970 Command History
CNN's deceitful Vietnam expose-WorldNetDaily  (Tom Marzullo makes a point)     6/12/98
CNN military adviser resigns over 'Tailwind'-WorldNetDaily    6/15/98
List of Tailwind B company personnel & Annex B from Steve Sherman   6/16/98
NewStand transcript   6/7/98
NewsStand transcript  6/14/98
Did The U.S. Drop Nerve Gas? from TIME Magazine June 15, 1998
Major General Perry Smith publishes resignation   6/16/98
Defending America  (Hackworth)    6/17/98
Walter Robert (Bob) Lewelling, MSG, U.S. Army SF(Retired) to Ambassador Godley  6/17/98
Operation Tailwind by Ray Smith   6/18/98
CNN threatens former military adviser-WorldNetDaily    6/18/98
Letter to the Chairman of CNN - AIM
Letter to TIME Managing Editor Walter Isaacson AIM 6/19/98
Heads May Roll at CNN Over Nerve Gas Charges AIM  6/22/98
Pentagon Probes  Nerve GasAllegations    6/22/98
U.S. Ambassador (ret) Godley debunks the CNN-Time Warner news report   6/22/98
News articles relating to Tailwind and CNN drivel   6/22/98
Media Monitors and Columns - AIM
Time, CNN investigate accuracy of joint nerve gas report - AP   6/23/98
Doubts are raised about whether sarin was used - TIME   6/23/98
Must Moral Standards Be The First Casualty Of War?  - New Orleans Times-Picayune    6/23/98
Poison Gas Use By U.S.? Not Likely - Long Island Newsday   6/23/98
Prepared  Statement by Cdr  Chip Beck, USNR (ret)  6/23/98
Letter to The Weekly Standard AIM  6/24/98
Panel of experts raise serious objections to a CNN/Time Magazine story - by Mike Billington   6/24/98
Poison pen (scroll to dates at bottom of page) - Jewish World Review   6/24/98
Nerve-Gas Story Clouds Arnett's Career  - Washington Times   6/26/98
James Graves statement   6/26/98
Overview of the SFA/SOA News Conference 26 JUNE 1998
A war tale touches a nerve - News & Observer (by Dennis Rogers)6/30/98
Report on CNN Broadcast - Abrams   7/2/98
Report on CNN Broadcast - CNN   7/6/98
Score one for the Internet-WorldNetDaily   7/6/98
Feldman letter to Parsons (Time Warner, Inc.)   7/6/98
Laritz letter to Lavin (Time Warner, Inc.)   7/7/98
CNN Staffers Wait for the Other Shoe to Drop - Washington Post   7/7/98
Transcript of Charlie Rose's show on 7/6/98 (unconfirmed)
Defending America Newsletter 8 July 98
An open letter to the American Legion - by Marzullo  7/9/98
CNN -- the comedy news network-WorldNetDaily   7/9/98
Letter for people to use on Operation: CNN Congressional Inquiry
Veteran newsman Shaw leaving CNN
Update on the Tailwind Investigation - Jake Jacobson  7/10/98
Jim Laritz's open letter to Levin   7/10/98
Open letter from Paul Campbell to Ted , Saddam Arnett, Oliver, & Smith   7/11/98
Arnett more than news reader-WorldNetDaily 7/11/98
Why the Time/CNN nerve-gas debacle was inevitable - (by ex-Times employee) 7/11/98
Laritz's reply to Turner's response   7/13/98
CNN Sponsors of Tailwind   7/13/98
Marzullo's open letter to the American Legion   7/13/98
Jim Laritz's 2nd open letter to Levin   7/14/98
A Commercial Nuisance Network ´´SPECIAL REPORT´´ - Free Republic   7/14/98
Emerson's  letter to Senator Kennedy   7/13/98
War Crimes - Jim Paxton   7/15/98
Vietnam Syndrome - Free Republic   7/17/98
Letters to CNN folks from Jeff Fuller (ex-5th SFG(A) Deputy Commander - 7/17/98
Copy of Gov. Whitman's message -  7/17/98
Questions Not Asked and Those That Go  Unanswered - PaulCampbell  7/18/98
'It didn't happen like that' - St. Petersburg Times   7/18/98
An Open Letter to the American People - Walter Emerson/Paul Campbell   7/19/98
TO-ARMS! - Don Valentine  7/20/98
Dept.  of  Defense Review of Allegations Concerning  "OPERATION TAILWIND" - CNN   7/21/98
Cohen: No nerve gas used in Operation Tailwind - CNN   7/21/98
CNN/TIME "Valley of Death" Smear Proves Disastrous - Hackworth   7/21/98
Vietnam Vets Rally Over CNN's "Crooked Gas Story" - Reagan Info Exchange   7/22/98
Summary of  Telephone  Interview With  the Honorable  Melvin  Laird, former  Secretary of  Defense   7/23/98
Fox News hires Drudge - you decide - San Francisco Examiner  7/23/98
Online Vets Declare War on CNN - Free Republic   7/24/98
April's Black Ops Defense 7/25/98
Humbled by the Internet-Forbes    7/27/98
Patriotic Granny's Boycott CNN Page!!   7/31/98
CNN down, other cable news channels up in ratings - NY Daily News   7/31/98
The Next CNN "Tailwind" - Tom Marzullo   8/1/98
Vietnam Vet Sues CNN Over Tailwind Report - Court TV Online   8/6/98
Letters/Retraction a lie - West Hawaii Today (Mik Sharp) 8/7/98
A few pieces of silver-Forbes    8/10/98
An Ill Tailwind - AJR Newslink   9/1/98
CNN's Real Mistake - Eminentoes  9/4/98
More US veterans sue Time, CNN for gas story - 9/17/98
CBS drama to rehash CNN big blunder on Vietnam story - 10/16/98
Nerve Gas, CNN and Honor  by Perry Smith

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Tailwind: Oliver-Smith rebuttal to CNN Abrams/Kohler report - Freedom Forum OnLine   7/22/98
THE POWs, CIA and Drugs Uglier Truths Behind The Sarin Gas Stories - Michael C. Ruppert Published 7-23-98
Transcript of Oliver-Smith program on CNN retraction of nerve-gas story- Freedom Forum  7/24/98