To the men of Special Forces and others who are fighting the malicious
allegations about Operation Tailwind.

The damage done by the distortions and fabrications reported as "hard news" by
CNN and Time Magazine can hardly be addressed by apologies and after-the-fact-

I support your efforts to set the record straight in a way that lets the whole
world know the truth about Tailwind.

The resignations of two reporters who worked on this story, and the
"reprimand" given to the lead corerspondent on the story, do not undo the
damage done by CNNís prime time airing of the story and the worldwide
attention given to the original fabrication.

The airing of CNNís Tailwind fiction was a dark moment in American journalism.
The furor and alarm caused by the original CNN/Time story demonstrate clearly
that a lie can make it around the world before the truth even gets its boots

The anguish caused to our veterans to our veterans and our country cannot be
underestimated. I want you to know that, like so many other Americans, I
support your efforts to clear the air and let the truth be known.

Yours sincerely,

Christine Todd Whitman