Tailwind Lies


My *first* degree was in Journalism.  I was inducted into Sigma Delta Chi at the University of Georgia by Bill Moyers.  I completed the coursework for a Master's  program in Mass Communications there in 1968.  I later (1975) earned a Master's  degree in Special Education.  For what it's worth, I was a member of MENSA!

I WAS a television Producer/Director and Production Manager!

I WAS an occasional newspaper and magazine columnist!

I WAS proud to be an American Journalist!

Once Upon A Time!

Being a former Special Forces soldier --- AND a Journalism student -- on a college campus in the mid-to-late 60s was an on-going exercise in self-control and frustration.

I was "taught" that the *IDEAL* journalist was objective, fair, and even-handed!  He presented *all* sides of every issue and trusted in the good sense and innate fairness of the public's ability to meet its needs from the balanced "truth" that he presented.

YOU people make me sick to my stomach!

I don't expect you to be soldiers!

I don't expect you to be tacticians!

I don't expect you to be experts in chemical warfare!

I've gotten to the point where I don't even expect you to be JOURNALISTS!!!!

But!  I DO expect you to have enough sense to be able to find your own rectum!!

How in the name of "objective and balanced reporting" can you POSSIBLY believe that a deady nerve gas (from which gas masks alone are NO protection!) can be indiscriminantly sprayed over a field of battle -- with the awesomely complex wind patterns created by the number of helicopters
involved --


Where do you find these "Pretty-Boy Rip-and-Read Types" you call "journalists?"
Did your producer(s) even *bother* to tell you that your primary source was nothing but a convicted felon?  That his "book" _never_ made ANY reference to these events -- as you "reported" them?  I *know* that for a fact.
Unlike you, I actually *read* it!

Did it concern you in the least that, even with HOURS of unedited footage, you couldn't find one "ACTUAL" participant who could or would verify your thesis?  That your crude, convoluted, "weasel-worded" editing and insinuations, your "reporting," was semantically NULL?

I spend my life teaching Emotionally Disturbed teen-agers.  Many of them have parole officers.  None of them are what "polite society" would consider to be socially acceptable.  I'd gladly place my life, my wife's life, and my children's lives in their hands ---- before I'd depend on you people for honest reporting!

And you can quote me!

Lewis T. Pace, Jr.
7th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
MOS 911.23 / 1963-1964
Special Forces Association
Life Member M-1969
San Benito, TX
Querétaro, QRO Mexico