(Bios part 3 of 3)

#21:Name: Sooc Van Hung (aka Sooc Va Nam); Date of Birth: 10 Dec. 1931; VRD: 26/1/91; Camp # at High Island Detention Centre: 118860; Date of Arrival in Hong Kong: Febr. 1991; Ethnicity: Nung

Period & Nature of Service for U.S.

1964 - 1972: Worked under name of cousin, Sooc Va Nam, Served at Training Centre Vung Tau, Ridge Camp. Supervisors T.J. Gray TR. James C. Barb. U.S. knew about his name change but did not require him to change to his own name. Worked in intelligence gathering group, seeking out communist sympathizers from amongst the civilian population. While outside the base Mr. Sooc wore civilian clothes and did not carry any weapons. While on base he both wore U.S. uniform and carried weapons.

1972 - 1975: Worked as a hairdresser after the U.S. withdrew.

Brief Description of What Occurred After Fall of Saigon in 1975

Concealed background after the fall of Saigon. Easier for him to do because he had used a false name and had worked as a civilian for the 3 years prior. Father sent to labour re-education when his true background as a Battalion Commander in ARVN was discovered in 1980. He died in re-education in 1985. Believes that a person who became a cadre and knew about his background reported it to security police after they argued in Jan. 1991. Fled Vietnam to avoid possible arrest.

Family Members in Hong Kong:

Vay A Moc (wife); Sooc Xuan MI (daughter); Sooc Y Ve (son); Sooc Xuan Tuyen (son)

#22:Name: Chieng A. Ung; Date of Birth: 1927; VRD: 30/6/91; Camp # at High Island Detention Centre: 119066; Date of Arrival in Hong Kong: 18 Febr. 1991; Ethnicity: Nung

Period and Nature of Service for the U.S.

1947 - 1954: Fought with the French army as combat soldier

1954 - 1968: Fought with ARVN, achieved rank of sergeant, fought together with U.S. Army at Kontum and Da Nang

1969 - 1975: Worked in Da Nang as a security guard with the Pacification Security Coordination Div. MACCORD ("PSCDM"), a branch of the U.S. Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support ("CORDS"). Office: 15 Gia Long, Da Nang. Became an assistant supervisor of security. Supervisors were Thomas F. Buckley and Amado Maik.

Brief Description of what occurred after Fall of Saigon in 1975

After 1975, Mr. Chieng fled with his family from his local area to Dong Nai and settled in a remote rural hillside area. He hid his background. In 1990 he came under the scrutiny of the local public security officer in connection with an investigation of someone who was living on his land. He feared that his past would be revealed and fled Vietnam with one of his sons.

Documentary proof of service for U.S.

Document entitled "Civilian Personnel Employment action" promoting Mr. Chieng dated 22 April 1974, signed by Mr. Maik, Section Chief, and Mr. Buckley, Support Officer.

Security Pass issued to Mr. Chieng, ID #5973751 from the Consulate General which was charred when the place Mr. Chieng hid the documents after 1975 caught fire.

ID card from the Pacification Security Div., MACCORDS, in Da Nang, issued on 4 June 1970, stating that Mr. Chieng was a guard, with Mr. Chieng's fingerprints.

Family members in Hong Kong: son, daughter-in-law, and 2 grandsons

#23:Name: On Canh Phuong; Date of Birth: 2 March 1952; VRD: 33/8/91; Camp # at High Island Detention Centre: 118739; Ethnicity: Nung

1962 - 1964: Nung Special Force Company in Hoa Cam, Da Nang, American Commander wa Colonel Duncan, Others, Major Bogart, Captain Bill, Mr. On was injured in battle.

1964 - 1973: Guard to U.S. military advisors in Da Nang, supervisor Klensky.

In 1975, Mr. On and his wife fled from their local area to conceal their background. In 1991, their son was conscripted. They feared that through providing a "resume" of their backgrounds of service to the U.S. would come to the attention of the Vietnamese authorities. They consequently fled Vietnam.

Destroyed all documents and photographs in 1975 for fear of discovery. Mrs. Vong's service between 1968 - 1969 has been traced by the U.S. National Personnel Records Centre, Civilian Personnel Records.

Family members in Hong Kong: wife; son; daughter-in-law; grand-daughter

#24:Name: Vong A Mui; wife of #23

1966 - 1969 served as a guard at a U.S. military installation

#25:Name: Ta Hy Long; Date of Birth: 2 March 1945; VRD: 33/17/91; Camp #:118765; Date of Arrival in Hong Kong: 24 Febr. 1991; Ethnicity: Nung

Father served with French and ARVN until 1960 but was killed by communists in 1965. Only brother joined the local militia in 1970 and was killed by communists in 1973.

1968 - 1970: Mr. Ta served in the U.S. Special Forces at Hong Ngoc Tao. Was a combat trooper, dropped by helicopter in the hills to search for and engage the Viet Cong in combat. For 6 months, he was with B-56, CCS at Thu Duc. Served with Sgt. Montabu, Captain "Beet" who was also known as Captain "Whiskey". After that he was with B-50, CCS at Ban Me Thot.

1970 - 1975: Served in the local militia until 1975

Concealed Special Forces background because Mr. Ta knew he would be sent for long-term re-education for his U.S. service. Admitted his local militia duties but only as a member. Ordered to undergo 7 days "re-education" until it was learned that in fact he was a team leader in the local militia and had under-reported his background. Made to perform 6 months forced labour. Thereafter marginalised, e.g., no household registration and made to perform 2 months per year of unpaid labour. Changed name to avoid detection (to Ta Hy Long from Ta Cong Duong).

Had photographs of himself in U.S. uniform until Nov. 1996 when he was targeted for forced repatriation to Vietnam. He was transferred to Victoria Prison from Whitehead Detention Centre on 21 Nov. 1996 and was due to be placed on a forced flight a few days later. Court proceedings were taken and a stay was ordered on his removal.

Certification of service by Chieu Ngoc Lam in the U.S., dated 24 Dec. 1992.

Family members in Hong Kong: wife; 4 sons; 2 daughters

#26:Name: Vong A Cong; Date of Birth: 12 April 1947; VRD: 46/1/91; Camp #85720; date of arrival in Hong Kong: 29 Mar. 1991; ethnicity: Nung

1967 - 1971: Airboat driver, 5th Special Forces at Cao Lanh, C4, Team A 404, APO 96215 B 40 in Cao Lanh, Kien Phong Province, Squad Leader Sgt Craker ("Kako", Black American who served in the Korean war). Camp manager was Dennis T. Becker. Interpreters were Mr. Phi and Mr. Chau. Captain "Beet", nicknamed Captain "Whiskey" was in Commander Headquarters in Cao Lanh B-40.

Hid his background in 1975. In 1979 after being caught for illegal departure, he was tortured and forced to falsely confess to forging papers in connection with his escape attempt. He was sent to prison and re-education at Xuyen Moc, Ting Dong Nai, S. Vietnam for six years. An Aurora Foundation report, Violations of Human Rights in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, regarding the re-education camps describes Xuyen Moc thus:

He was released in 1985. He was kept under surveillance and often brought into the security office. His mother and brothers had fled abroad and sent him money as that was the only way he could survive. In Dec. 1990, after he refused to pay a bribe to the local security officer, he was summoned again to the security office and beaten for concealing his ARVN record. He lost consciousness and was admitted to a local hospital. He escaped from the hospital when he learned that a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Documentation: Letter from Dennis T. Becker, MAJ who was the commander of the airboat (now deceased). Letter from Joseph L. Montoya SFC USASF, 62 W. Belair Blvd. , Clarksville, TN 37040; Certificate of Completion of the Airboat Operator Training Course issued by the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces signed by Raymond Mullen Jr.

Family members in Hong Kong: wife; daughter; 2 sons

#27:Name: Chi Nhat Sang; Date of Birth: 1951; VRD: 373/7/91; Camp #: 119115; Date of arrival in HOng Kong: 1991; Ethnicity: Nung

2-6-67: Training with the Special Forces at Kon-Duc, Da Nang for 3 month period.

1967 - 1969: Kontum, CCC B-15, Jit Cong Company Commando, IOWA team, Company Leader "Wolk". Other Americans are "Van Ho", "Love", "Davidson"

1969 - 1971: Ban Me Thuot, B-50, CCS, worked with "Greg Schmidt" ("Smith?"), "England", "Johnny Byrd" ("Johnny Boat?"), "Landau".

1971: Joined ARVN, worked in Intelligence beginning in 1974, worked under the cover of being a driver.

After 1975, he was arrested on suspicion of working in intelligence for ARVN. Although he was tortured and beaten, he denied such service. He was kept in detention, tortured, beaten and interrogated for a total of 20 months before release. In 1978, his family's home was confiscated and they were transferred to a NEZ in an area filled with mines. His sister stepped on a mine and was refused hospital treatment. The family fled the NEZ to obtain medical treatment for her. Thereafter, Mr. Chinh was marginalised, always hiding his pre 1975 service.

Family members in Hong Kong: wife; 2 sons

#28:Name: Vay Nheo Nam (aka Vay A Gion); date of birth: 1 July 1952; VRD: 373/31/91; camp #: 119166; date of arrival in Hong Kong: 20 June 1991; Ethnicity: Nung

1966 - 1969: Combat trooper of Co. 6. Kontum B-15, 2nd Special Task Force, Loi Hoi (Thunder Tigers) Team. Camp CCC-KBC. 3993. APO S.F. 96499. Military Service no. 2/2213.

1969 - 1970: Transferred to the Airborne Team. Team Tennesee. Team Leader Lang Van Ngoc and Eulis Presley (Sgt). (Eulis Presley remembers Mr. Vay Ph (206) 472-9902). Transferred in 1970 to Iowa. Team Leader "Carnasson".

1971: Transferred to New Virginia Team. Team Leader Knight. Also deployed to work with Arkansas team, "Jackel". Also served with Sgt. James Dory

1972: Unit was dissolved and transferred to ARVN (airborne soldier). Moved to Ban Me Thuot. Member of 3rd Task Force CCC. Then unit moved to Plei-Ku. Last unit was dissolved in April 1972.

Did not report military background. Authorities discovered his background through another source and attempted to arrest him in July 1975. Mr. Vay was able to evade arrest and went into hiding. Joined the National Restoration Troops, a group of guerilla fighters, 909 Group. Organization disintegrated in Sept. 1978 because of overwhelming military resources of the Communists. Family was marginalised. Continued to conceal his background up to 1990 when his wife was arrested and interrogated for 2 weeks before release. Left Vietnam on 15 April 1991 while wife continued to be under heavy surveillance as the Communists continued to seek the arrest of Mr. Vay.

Documentation: Numerous photos of Mr. Vay in U.S. Special Forces uniform, including one with American soldier (Sgt. James Dory)

CCC Base ID card, pass number 511R

Travel Order issued by U.S. Dept. of the Army, Task Force 2 Advisory Element, APO SF 96499, dated 26 June 1971, signed by Stephen A. Feldman, 1 Lt. Inf. Adjutant.

Letter to U.S. Consulate General In HOng Kong signed by (Sgt) Eulis Presley regarding Mr. Vay's service with him. A final copy has been sent to the U.S. Consulate General.

Letter from the U.S. Consulate General acknowledging receipt of letter.

Family members in Hong Kong: son; daughter-in-law; granson; 2 granddaughters

#29:Name: Thoong Coc Duong; Date of Birth: 5 May 1934; VRD: 373/22/91; Camp #: 118909; Date of arrival in Hong Kong: 20 June 1991; Ethnicity: Nung

1965 - 1967: Mr. thoong served in the 5th Div. Nha Trang, Tactical Combat Unit. Would gather intelligence to inform the U.S. Air Force where to bomb N. Vietnamese forces. Served with Americans including Sgt. Martin and St. "Cabot".

1967 - 1969: Unit mobilized to work in Ban Me Thuot, CCS B-50

1969 - 1973: Unit moved to Kontum, CCC B-15, Iowa. Sgt. "Carnossen". Discharged in 1973.

Also served with Sgt. Jim "Dorry" (Mr. Thoong has a picture standing next to him). Also in the picture is Sgt. "Poland" (Powand?") ("Bowen?") ("Boland?")

In 1975 Mr. Thoong moved with his family away from his local area and did not report his military background to the new regime in the South. Fled Vietnam in 1991 when a dispute with a neighbour who knew of his former service resulted in public security officials seeking to arrest him. He went into hiding. His wife and sons were detained for 3 days for interrogation. Mr. Thoong fled Vietnam with his children.

Documentation: 3 photos of Mr. Thoong in Special Forces uniform, including a group shot standing next to Sgt. "Dorry". Sgt. "Poland" is also in the picture.

Certification of Appreciation issued by U.S. Dept. of Defence on 5 March 1973, for "Superior performance of duty while serving with Strategic Technical Directorate Assistance Team 58 during the period March 1969 to March 1973. Certification of service by Chieu Ngoc Lam in the U.S., dated 24 Dec. 1992.

Family members in Hong Kong: 2 sons; daughter

#30:Name: Chuong A. Sang; Date of Birth: 23 June 1951; VRD: 473/7/91; camp #: 118855; Ethnicity: Nung

1967 - 1969: Hong Ngoc Tau B56 Military Detachment, APO 96243. Served in combat unit. Dropped off by helicopter in the forest to look for Viet Cong. Captain "Beet" ("Baird?") who was nicknamed Captain "Whiskey" was the Commander. There was also a Sgt. "Montabu".

1969: Joined ARVN. Became Corporal First Class.

Mr. Chuong concealed his Special Forces service. On March 1975 he was captured by the Communists and was detained for "re-education" for four months, but did not admit his Special Forces service. Upon release, he had to attend political lessons every day for 3 months, and was subject to weekly reporting requirements and custodial task from 1975 - 1983. Also made to perform extra unpaid labour from 1975 - 1989.

His brother Chuong A Ma who had also served with the U.S. Special Forces and with ARVN, had reported his ARVN service in 1975 but had also concealed his U.S. service. Chuong A Ma was caught with a group of persons who were involved in antigovernment activities and his U.S. Special Forces activity was discovered. Although the others received 15 year sentences, he was imprisoned for life because of his U.S. military background. His sentence was later commuted to 20 years imprisonment with an additional commutation of 4 years and 3 months. He was released in 1994 severely crippled and mentally handicapped.

Documentation: One photo of Mr. Chuong in uniform; other photos and documents were lost en route to Hong Kong when his boat capsized (his mother and one son died).

Also pictures of Chuong A Ma before re-education and afterwards. Also Chuong A Ma's release order with translation.

Family members in Hong Kong: wife and 3 sons

#31:Name: Tran Di Thuong; VRD: 604/1/91; Date of arrival in Hong Kong: 12 Oct. 1991; Ethnicity: Chinese

1970 - 1975: Worked, while serving with ARVN, at the Sound of Freedom Broadcasting Station in Hanoi, So 7 Hong Thap Tu (Red Cross Street), in the Chinese language section as a broadcaster and a writer. Mr. Duong Cam Minh was his supervisor in that section. The station had English, French, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Cantonese broadcast used in propaganda campaigns. The station was organized by the U.S. Intelligence Bureau. He was paid by the U.S. government.

After 1975, Tran Di Thuong hid his work with the radio station and only reported that he served with ARVN. In 1991, after attending the funeral of an ARVN general with whom Mr. Tran had worked, the cousin of the General revealed Mr. Tran's true background to security officials. Mr. Tran then fled Vietnam. After fleeing, he heard from his brother that security officials had come to his home and after repeated interrogation had confirmed Mr. Tran's background to them.

Mr. Tran states that his work for the station was clandestine and he took no photos while working there. All documents evidencing his work were destroyed after 1975.

Family members in HOng Kong: wife; 4 daughters; 2 sons; mother