Recently an ad hoc group of Vietnam veterans, Vietnam Vets for the Truth (VVT), broke a story that the Internet samizdat has broadcast across the nation.  It was the account of the esteem in which the Vietnamese communists hold John Kerry because of the efforts he made on their behalf during the Vietnam War.  Focal point of the article was a photo of Senator Kerry conversing with the chairman of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, a photo which hangs in a room honoring foreigners who contributed to the communist victory in Vietnam. 

A courageous American visiting Vietnam was responsible for taking these fascinating photos, making several trips back to the “War Crimes Museum” at the request of VVT.  His activities aroused the suspicion of the Vietnamese authorities sufficiently for them to assign an agent to follow him on his travels.  Upon his return to the States, this Vietnam veteran will provide more detail about what he saw. 

VVT is involved in a number of activities besides the “Saigon Photo” story.  Its centerpiece operation is the planning and execution of the “Kerry Lied Rally,” an event that will draw the attention of all Americans to the lies John Kerry told about US servicemen and –women during the Vietnam War.  Featured in the Rally will be a number of speakers whose lives were directly affected by Kerry’s lies. 

Another activity is “Operation Kerry Lied,” an effort in which local activists are assisted in assembling and displaying information in their hometowns about the lies Kerry told.  In most cases, those activists are Vietnam veterans. 

Jeffrey M. Epstein, VVT’s Media Affairs Director, notes that the organization has initiated a major fund-raising campaign to enable it to accomplish its mission of exposing John Kerry’s lies to the American public.  Says Epstein: “It would be a tragedy of monumental proportions if the truth about John Kerry is not told because of a lack of funds.  VVT’s effectiveness will be in direct proportion to the financial support we receive.  We encourage all Vietnam veterans to hold Kerry accountable by contributing any amount, large or small.” 

Vietnam Vets for the Truth, LLC, is an IRS- and FEC-designated “527 Political Action Committee” incorporated in the State of Delaware. 

Contributions may be mailed to:

Vietnam Vets for the Truth, LLC
Box 49
Mt. Vernon, VA  22121 

Mr. Epstein may be contacted at  The VVT website, which currently features the “Saigon Photo” story, may be viewed at