This is what is called (BTB) Blind Transmission Broadcast, it's used in communications especially clandestine operations far behind enemy lines, it's similar to S.O.S. An urgent message is sent out requesting support or assistance and the sender does not know if his message has been received. The airways and internet has been full of pro and cons about the up-coming election As is our God given right to have a say in this election. The Veterans who did voice their comments about John Kerry in Unfit to Command, are being slandered by the Liberals, the Press, the Hollywood Elite, some Politicians, and what's really sad by some high ranking General Officers who evidently forgot they are now out of uniform and what they say don't have much of an impact on most of us Veterans, we remember their performance while they were on active duty. The Veteran has earned the right to express his opinion in war and in peace, he defended that right by serving his country.
Statistics say over 8.5 million served in Vietnam and over 50,000 made the ultimate sacrifice for democracy. This election should not be along party line affiliations, it should be who is most qualified and best for our country. John Kerry has nothing to show what he has done for America and its citizens in the last 20 years in Congress, he don't want to open that can of worms. But he did throw in the Vietnam War card into this election that he is a Vietnam Veteran and a war hero. Most don't have a problem with his short tour of duty and his awards for valor, it is all documented by the U.S.Navy, and I don't know of any Veterans who went to war to become heros or to get medals. Most of us know how the awards are given, some deserved them and some did not. I know of some soldiers who should have been awarded the highest medal for valor, but they were not, they were the only survivor or those that did survive were in stateside hospitals fighting to stay alive. So no one wrote them up, they were to proud to say anything, they just thought they were doing their job as a soldier. John Kerry has to live with how he got his awards and why he left his comrades after his third Purple Heart and never finished his tour.
But what we can't forget is what John Kerry did after he returned from Vietnam, he can not deny it or lie his way out of it, its on record in Congress and on film. He betrayed his fellow Veterans who fought or were still fighting or paid the ultimate price, by lying to Congress and the American people of atrocities committed by American soldiers and himself. By demonstrating and giving cause for the enemy to continue to fight and prolong the war and cause more American casualties. Kerry disgraced his awards and decorations by improperly wearing them on his fatigues in the hall's of Congress and on TV in front of the American people and then throwing the medals over the fence. Aiding and abating the enemy during a conflict boarders on treason, and admitting to committing atrocities should be enough to prosecute him we don't have statue of limitation on treason and atrocities, not in the present Government. What this (BTB) is saying we the Veterans can not allow John Kerry to step over graves of over 50,000 fallen comrades from Vietnam and become the president of the United States and the Commander and Chief, look deep into your heart and let your conscience decide in November 2004. The audacity that John Kerry showed at the Democratic Convention when he saluted and said REPORTING FOR DUTY !! I say not in this country we owe it to the more than 50,000 of our Brothers and Sisters that won't be voting in November 2004.
Vladimir"Jake"Jakovenko (Alias) John Jakovenko
Sergeant Major (R) U.S. Army
Vietnam Veteran
1966- 173rd LRRP
1968-1969 5th Special Forces Gp. Dak Seang A-245
1970- Son Tay Raid North Vietnam