This letter to the Marshall, Texas newspaper is from our grandson, Jason.  We are very proud of him.  Please continue to keep Jason & his fellow solders in your prayers.  Thank you.

I think I have a right...              By missinmarshall
to say something on this issue.

I am a soldier in the 4th infantry division. I've been in Iraq since April 13th.

When President Bush came into this country to visit soldiers on Thanksgiving day, something was realized by a lot of people regarding the President as a person. I have always respected and appreciated President Bush, and after 8 months in Iraq, I will still be happy to vote him back into office. But his visit to Baghdad, though I wasn't able to be there, did something for the morale of the people here that would never be understood by people who aren't here. Until you've seen first-hand the dangers of this country, you can't fully respect what a sacrifice was made by our commander in chief. I am proud of him, and thankful for a president who does what he feels is right.

Hillary on the other hand, can stay at her home. 1-8 Infantry, my batallion, contacted each state and requested a state flag. Many states sent flags that had flown over capital buildings. Many sent certificates and letters of appreciation. ALL states sent a flag, which we alternate fly over our headquarters in Balad next to (but just a little lower than) Old Glory. All states, that is, except for NY, which sent us a letter telling us that for __ dollars shipping and handling they would be happy to send us a flag. And do you know who the letter was signed by? Take a guess.

The soldiers here know what's going on with Hillary, and we couldn't care less if she never steps foot in Iraq.

Oh yeah, the username is "missin' marshall", not "miss in marshall" hahaha. What can I say, I chose poorly.

Jason Hyde