Johnson Sends 


I just received this missive from my eldest son.  Comments welcomed.


 " A local wholesale purveyor of death (Cope's) recently got in about 16,000 "rusty" Hungarian AK (7.62x39) magazines.  They were pretty cheap ($5.50 each), so I got a couple dozen or so.  The mags turned out to be not very rusty at all.


One magazine was interesting.  One mag, however, had a wire put through a hole in the baseplate & base of the mag body, then a crimped (serial numbered) seal was applied to the wire. I'm asking around on some of the collector boards online to see if anybody has seen this before.  The mag loads to a full 30 round capacity.



I also noticed another weird alteration to the mag. The rear wall of the left feed lip also has a hole drilled in it. If/when a wire seal was run through that top hole, it might have prevented the loaded mag from being seated in the rifle without breaking the seal. I dunno, I'm just guessing here.

Maybe it was a way of keeping the troopies from dinking around with loaded mags ("do it for the children"). Once again, I'm just guessing here.

An equally plausible story is that when the top seal was removed, it resulted in the breakup of the Soviet Empire. Maybe I ought to have this bad boy gold plated & mounted on a snazzy plaque.


Johnson Out!!