received this from Deputy US Marshal Mike Fugate today and wanted to pass it on. The original source on the e-mail I got is at the bottom on this post. I is vivid proof of how deadly people who are “only armed with a knife” can be. Some of the public think that officers should try to disarm someone armed with a knife but anyone who has had training in knife fighting will tell you, even if you win you are going to get cut. Keep this in the back of your mind when confronting someone armed with an edged weapon. Before you ask, I DO NOT HAVE ANY FURTHER DETAILS. I tried to find out more but was unable to. If you know, please advise me.

I started not to send it to the non-law enforcement distribution list on the newsletter but I think they need to see this too.

Be forewarned, photos are graphic.


Captain Mike Williams

Commander, Sector 3


These are kind of graphic and I don't know the details, but the pics

say a thousand words.  A little knife fight training never hurt anyone

too bad................And just to say it again, lifting weights and

doing calisthenics, etc., is NOT combat training.   Be safe.


 J.D. Bigham


DEA Dallas FD