"C-130 Cargo Aircraft"

That "Sinking Feeling"

Exclusive Pictures To The Cargo Letter

From U.S. Air Force Special Operations

Another Warning To Which --

No One Listened!

The stage was set for the recent roll out of the revolutionary Textron Bell CV-22 Osprey --

-- Special Operations (Spec Ops variant) for the U.S. Air Force.

Four C-130 Hercules loaded dignitaries & high ranking officers flew

to Textron Bell's airfield at Dallas, Texas to attend the ceremonies.


What followed were procedures for "unimproving" an airfield taxiway.

There had been warnings that the airfield taxiways at Addison Field were too thin for the Hercules cargo aircraft,

-- but what the heck, it'll probably be OK -- they thought!

The problem was especially acute, considering a recent spate of 100 degree plus days --

-- which promoted that "sinking feeling."

As you can see, they went through the manual, but this situation wasn't covered!



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