Freedom Rider


                   Proud and determined he dons his armor,
His pride and honor heals his broken dreams and aging body.
He must reach deep within himself to find the strength and endurance to meet this challenging trip.

          As he mounts his Harley I sense his excitement,
You can almost feel his anxiousness and see the restless expression in his eyes.

          I watch him fading into the distance, knowing in my heart the sacrifices he has endured will not invade this earned and deserving day of glory.

          The battlefield is cold now and he releases the memories of long ago, He can feel the soothing wind upon his face and the gentle warmth of the sun. The pain and scars of yesterday slowly fade away.

          Today he feels reborn and the adrenalin of his youth returns as the fullness of the highway stretches out before him. A Soul cleansing journey that will lead him to a tranquil place and a freedom he desires that only God can give.


                                           My gift from God
                                           Ernie Lott