Below is part of an e-mail I received at work.  Attached is the citation and original recommendation for the award.
MSG (then SGT) Ed Ziobron, formerly of MACV-SOG (CCC), currently still serving proudly as a member of the 3d Bn, 20th SFG(A) - and who spent a year in Afghanistan with the CJSOTF-A - will receive the Distinguished Service Cross for actions that took place on 25 Nov 70 in the RVN - see attached citation.
Apparently the original recommendation for the award was lost at HQDA.  It has since been discovered, and appropriate actions have taken place to get it presented to MSG Ziobron.
The only issues to be resolved are when the presentation will take place, where it will take place, and who will present it.  Ed has indicated he'd like the award to be presented at Fort Myers, VA (not confirmed).  The presenter has not been finalized, so I won't pass out any proposed names at this time.
I'll let you know the when/where/who as soon as I find out.
Great day to be an American fighting man (or a has-been American fighting man...).