Subj:    Hoist one for a Fallen Comrade
Date:   10/10/00 9:11:03 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Virgil T. Hammond)

  I wrote previously about 1SG Virgil T. Hammond, SF Ret.,  being
admitted to the hospital with pnuemonia. After extensive testing he was
diagnosed with terminal cancer and after two agonizing weeks died on
Tues 10 Oct at 0330 hrs. It wasn't pretty but he faced it with a whole
tub full of guts. Thanks to all of you who called or emailed. Much
  I need a favor.  Dad was SF all the way and desired a SF honor guard
if possible. He was a 26 year, 3 Vietnam tour, agent orange exposed vet
and I would appreciate any help I could get from you SF'rs in getting a
burial contingent from Ft Campbell to send him out.  The burial's to be
in Brownsville, KY and is 90 miles as the crow flies from Ft Campbell.
The burial is to be Friday at 1:00 PM CST.  Any help in this regard
would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Hammond, SFC, USAR