Medical Alert Assistance Needed 

Gentleman:  I am working with Dr. Steve Yevich,  Director of the VA National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (and formerly with CCN Recon), in an attempt to pinpoint why so many of the men who served on the recon teams and hatchet forces are dying from pancreatic cancer, pancreatitus, gall bladder problems and other severe, very painful intestinal disorders.  The incident of our having these problems are way out of proportion to the general population, and quite obviously we usually suffer in silence as seldom do we share our problems with the men we served with. We have lost two of our Medal of Honor recipients to these maladies and many others are suffering in silence. I lost half my pancreas but survived. I had a great surgical team and they caught it just in time. In my case there was no known medical cause for my problem.

             Amongst other things Gentlemen, the pancreas is responsible for insulin production in the human body.  Problems with your pancreas can manifest itself in your liver, kidneys and is a major cause of diabetes.  Pancreatic pain is most exquisite.  My question to you is, why is such a high number of SOG and SF troopers who served in the border areas of Vietnam affected with these problems.  Could it Be Agent Orange or a result of the many, issued wonder drugs we took?

             We need your help

            We are undertaking a study to determine why so many of us have these sever intestinal problems.  We need to hear from you if you have had or are having problems with any of these areas.  I also realize that you also know of many of our comrades in arms who have died from these problems.  Therefore, if you are currently suffering from any of these maladies or know of any of your friends who have these problems or have died from these causes please contact either myself or Dr Steven Yevich with as much of the following information that you have: 

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      Please submit your information via E-mail or snail mail to the following addresses, or you can contact me telephonically.

            James E. Butler    Dr. Steven Yevich

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