Original HALO Committee

This is the roster of the original HALO Committee:

Cpt. Clifford Johnson
Cpt. Heflin
Cpt. Phillip J Stevens
Sfc. William E Edge
Sfc. James H Smith
Ssg. W.J.A.Charette
Ssg. James W Hauck
Ssg. Earl D Macmillan
Sp4. William R Cranford
Sp4. Larry B Wolfe
Sp4. Ogden

Personnel that participated in TAC-Test 63-18 (Dropping of personnel
from 25,000 to 40,000 ft.) Conducted at NAS El Centro, California.

Ltc. Merrill L Shepard  OIC for Test SWC
2Lt. James Garvey OIC Army contingent HALO
Sfc. James H Smith HALO
Ssg. James W Hauck HALO
Ssg. W.J.A.Charette HALO
Ssg. Loren B Hollingsworth HALO
Sp5. William W Bohringer HALO
Sgt. Paul S Newman A&E Board
Sgt. Robert L Tisdale A&E Board

Cpt. Charles G Corey OIC AF contingent  CCT Pope AFB
Cpt. John J Garrity CCT Hurlburt AFB
Msgt. James G Howell CCT Hurburt AFB
Sgt. Vernon Morgan CCT Pope AFB
Sgt. George D MacLean CCT Pope AFB

The Above 14 personnel all made the record jump from 43,500 ft. Which
broke the 10 man mass exit record for altitude held by the Russians
and established a new record for 14 man mass exit from altitude. Jump
was made 16 Dec 1963 over Tatoo Drop Zone El Centro NAS, California

Cpt. Charles Weber US Army Flight Surgeon Simmons AFF. Flew misson for
record flight.
Cpt. Mindy Tardy US AF Flight Surgeon Pope AFB

Aircraft C-130B 62-3487 Establish a record for highest recorded flight
for type of A/C. A/C was given to Columbia in 1992.

Cpt. Marvin L Payne Sr. Pilot
Cpt. Charles H Hammer Co-Pilot
1lt. John M Rahn Navigator
Sgt. Charles Beasley Engineer
SFC. Morris M Banks Load master

TAC Test 63-18

Physiological Training