Gentlemen - this is 1st Sergeant K**** of Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines. I was at Camp Pen when the Battalion came home last week. Although severely wounded, Kasal came  from the East Coast to greet his Company and the Battalion. He is a remarkable individual, his concern was for his Marines, not ONE word concerning himself......... there are no dry eyes in this house........ 
Please pass this to everyone you know, the American people should know what their MARINES are doing and have been doing during the whole war........ as stated below, no news media will show it................ C G Henry, LtCol USMC Ret


Subject: FWD: One Tough Marine

 Here's one you won't spot on "60 Minutes" or CNN.  Forwarded by a friend.  One tough Marine and a great American!



Marine 1st Sergeant Brad K**** (in the middle). I work with his older brother in Iraq (a former 82nd Airborne paratrooper who is a hero in his own right). This photo is from the most recent major offensive in Fallujah. Sgt. K**** sacrificed his own safety to save a room full of fellow Marines. He ended up taking several AK rounds in the leg. Most of his lower leg was blown away but you can't tell it from this pic. He took rounds in the back which his armor saved him from. He took one round through his butt which passed through both cheeks leaving 4 holes in him. And he also took the brunt of a grenade blast. He jumped on top of a younger Marine to cover him from the fire. He killed the terrorist who did most of the damage to him and his men, and despite a massive loss of blood he never stopped fighting. Notice that he's still holding his pistol. He has been put in for the Medal of Honor for his actions on that day. He already has several Purple Hearts for previous battles throughout his career and he has turned some down so that he could stay with his unit. While in the hospital he has met President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and several other celebrities. He said that President Bush came in by himself and had a very long, sincere, and friendly visit with him.