FOB Designations - The History
(summarized by Frank Hudson)
FOB 1 - Kham Duc ‘65 - ‘66; Khe Sanh ‘66; Phu Bai ‘66 - Nov ‘68
FOB 2 - Kontum ‘66 - Nov ‘68
FOB 3 - Khe Sanh ’67 - May ‘68; Mai Loc May ‘68 - Nov ‘68
FOB 4 - Marble Mountain, Da Nang ’67 - Nov ‘68
FOB 5 - Ban Me Thout ‘67 - Nov ‘68
FOB 6 - Ho Ngoc Tao ’67 - Nov ‘68
(text in quotes comes from Volume 1 of Harve Saal’s books):

"Operation 35 became a reality and flourished during May 1965 after Colonel
Blackburn became Chief, SOG…"

"These men set up the Command and Control Detachment (C&C) areas in Da Nang
and prepared the Forward Operations Base (FOB) at Kham Duc – Operation 35’s
first launch site."

SOG started to outgrow the Kham Duc FOB.  "During Summer 1966, three Special
Forces officers were charged with providing three additional, more convenient-
to-the-launch-sites, Forward Operational Bases (FOBs) which would also solve
the housing needs of the teams.
        Major Charles Norton…was sent to Kontum to find a location and build an FOB
which would house American Special Forces…  Major James Van Sickle was
dispatched to a northern province in South Vietnam to establish a base at Phu
Bai…  Major Fred Patton was dispatched to the Khe Sanh launch site….with
instructions to develop a forward operating base…"

        "After abandoning the Kham Duc (FOB 1) launch site, and to avoid future
confusion, the launch sites were identified separately from the areas where
the reaction forces and reconnaissance teams lived.  The launch locations were
officially designated as "launch sites" and the camps which housed the men
were identified as "Forward Operations Bases (FOBs)."  Each "FOB" was given an
identification number which clarified its location.  FOB 1 was located at Phu
Bai, FOB 2 at Kontum, and FOB 3 was at Khe Sanh.

        By December 1967 "Project Omega was relocated to Ban Me Thuot and the camp
designated as FOB 5.  Project Sigma’s assets…remained at their base in Ho Ngoc
Tao, FOB 6…"

        "By June’s end, 1968, the embers of the North Vietnamese’s flaming siege at
Khe Sanh had grown dim and extinguished.  The bulldozing of  FOB 3, into the
red clay plateau, was accompliched and the remaining American Special Forces
in the camp were relocated to FOB 4 (Da Nang)."

        "Expansion in the MACSOG 35 program required some name changes for all the
FOBs.  In late summer 1968, FOB 2, at Kontum, was in the midst of a name
change to Command and Control, Central (CCC)."

        "In the third week of November 1968, OMEGA and SIGMA were assembled together
at OMEGA’s compound at FOB 5 in Ban Me Thout while the designation of FOB 6,
SIGMA’s camp at Ho Ngoc Tao was dropped.  This assembly saw FOB 5 (Ban Me
Thout) identified as Command and Control, South (CCS)."

        "Also, during the third week in November, the identification of FOB 4, in Da
Nang, was redesignated as Command and Control, North (CCN).  FOB 1, in Phu
Bai, was closed and the American SF and mercenaries were moved to, and
combined with, the men and teams at CCN."